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They have a representative in the locality, whose role is to purchase tickets for a client. If you stay in a different country and you wish to play Swiss Lotto, you should find out about local taxes beforehand. It is possible for you to experience double taxation if you win a big Swiss Lotto prize.

Knowing Swiss Lotto Rules

The same as most lottery games in the globe, earlier, just Switzerland residents were permitted to participate in playing one of the games of Lotto Swiss, such as Swiss Lotto. It was necessary for you to buy your lottery tickets for Swiss Lotto from a certified seller inside Switzerland.

However, today this does not present an issue because there are a number of legitimate online lottery companies for selling tickets. For instance, you can buy your lottery tickets for Swiss Lotto from any place in the world using TheLotter or Lottosend.

You should be at least 18 years old to qualify to buy a ticket to play one of the lotto games in Switzerland, such as Swiss Lotto. It is applicable to players who reside in Switzerland’s Loterie Romande (French Speaking) and players in Switzerland’s SwissLos (German speaking).

You have 26 weeks from the draw date to claim your win. If you exceed this time, your Swiss Lotto ticket shall be declared invalid. Any sum of even 1,000 CHF which you have won for Swiss Lotto shall be paid straight to your players’ account. You can then transfer this to your own post office or bank account in 26 weeks.

If you win more than 1,000 CHF you shall receive payment straight to your post office or bank account after tax deductions.

Any quantity of up to 1,000 CHF that you have won on the SwissLoto will be paid directly into your players' account which you can then transfer to your own bank or post office account within 26 weeks.

Guide for playing Swiss Lotto

As stated earlier, you should select 6 main digits from a pool of 42 and an extra digit from a pool of 6. Match each of the 7 digits to become a jackpot winner of this lottery.

After the main digits are picked, the player needs to make a decision whether to play Swiss Lotto without the Joker option or with it. The extra activation of the Joker costs 2 CHF. A standard ticket bought in Switzerland costs 2.5 CHF.

Joker is an extra 6-digit number. In every drawing, a six-digit figure is selected after the main 7 digits are picked. Players who match a number of the Joker numbers shall become winners of an extra prize. People who match each of the 6 Joker numbers can become winners of an extra prize of several million Swiss francs. This refers to the jackpot for Swiss Lotto joker. This is a different pool from the main jackpot.

When purchasing tickets, you can present your entries for upcoming drawings. The number of drawings for which submission of a line is made needs to be displayed when you are buying the ticket. A jackpot subscription is available also. The tickets are only presented when the jackpot goes up to a particular sum indicated by the player.

How can I win Swiss Lotto?

To increase your winning prospects in Swiss Lotto, you can choose to play the additional Joker game. Here, other than the main Swiss Lotto digits, your ticket shall be printed with the 6 extra Joker digits.

It is essential to match as many previously drawn numbers as possible. Players can expect cash prizes to match the last 2 digits drawn and will obtain Super Joker prize if all of them are matched. The extra cost for Joker option is 2 francs.

Replay is an extra free game you will participate in each time you play Swiss Lotto. The ticket has an additional field of thirteen Swiss Lotto digits for the Replay game.

Swiss Lotto Payouts

A report of the largest jackpot for Swiss Lotto of 48.6 mln francs was made on 23 August 2014. The lucky player was from Berne. At the time, the winning combination was 3,4, 21, 22, 7, 23 as well as 2 for the bonus number.

The second biggest jackpot of 35.8 mln francs was provided on 10 March 2010. The winning figures for the lottery were 31, 34, 16, 20, 41, 43 while the bonus number was 1.

Swiss Lotto declared its 3rd largest jackpot on 30 November 2013 of 34.5 mln francs. The winning figures for the lottery at the time were 18, 22, 6, 17, 23, 26 while the bonus number was 3.

Second Tier Prizes

The second prize tier for Swiss lotto is shared among people who have 6 correct main numbers. The prize offers 1 million CHF and this is the optimal prize if only one winner is available. Where multiple winners are involved, the million francs is shared evenly among those people.

If you have 5 correct main numbers and a correct bonus number you can win a prize of 10,000 CHF. Five correct numbers provide a 1,000 CHF prize. Four correct figures plus a bonus number offer a 150 CHF prize.

History of the Swiss Lotto and other information

The first drawing for Swiss Lotto was held on 10 January 1970. The first format differed a bit. Players needed to select six digits from a pool of 40. The format was altered in 1986 to 6/45. In 1988 an extra Joker game was started.

The Joker is currently available, and players have a chance to win prizes that are even higher. In 2013, during summer, the last format change was declared and at this time the game acquired its present matrix. Nowadays you need to select 6 digits from a pool of 42 and an extra digit from a pool of 6 to get an opportunity of winning the jackpot.

Prizes for Swiss Lotto are given in form of one cash lump amount. Remember that there are no taxation regulations for lottery in Switzerland. The last sum you shall obtain is the prize minus withheld tax. No tax is imposed on prizes reaching 1,000 CHF. A 35% income tax is subjected to CHF.

Players have 26 weeks from when the draw took place to claim a prize. You can request any amount up to 1,000 CHF at various areas all over Switzerland. Larger amounts involve a different process and the amount (excluding the tax deduction) shall be deposited in the player’s bank account.