Inspiring Story: A Rags-to-Riches Story Of A Swiss Lotto Winner

Officials from the Swiss Lotto department have revealed that most of the previous winners who became an instant millionaire due to the lottery game are inspiring rags-to-riches stories. Such is the case of the 51-year-old governess of a wealthy family. In fact, the officials attested that the governess was wearing worn-out slippers when she claimed her winnings. According to the most recent report, the governess is now richer than the family that she used to serve.

The Inspiring Story of the Instant Swiss Lotto Millionaire

Compared to the other Swiss Lotto players who are betting on their favorite numbers or who are using an intricate formula to extract their winning number, the 51-year-old lady did not base her bet on that. Normally, she will just pay for the ticket and take the random pick at the lotto outlet. After paying for the ticket, she kept it inside her purse and forgot about it. After sometime, she was passing by the gas station when she remembered about her lotto ticket that she tucked inside her purse.

She approached the lotto outlet and checked the Swiss Lotto results on the day stated on her ticket. She was in disbelief as she scanned the result over and over again. Unsure with the result, she decided to approach the lotto representative. She handed over her ticket to the official who talked to her on the private part of the gasoline station. However, she still could not belief this fortune that was bestowed upon her.

“I spent the entire day like nothing special happened. I went back to my work since there are a lot of things that needs to be finished”, she told the press. Upon returning home, she dialed the hotline number of the Swiss Lotto department and verified her winning numbers. She was instructed by the officials to claim her winning prize at the lotto department. By then, she was already convinced that she had indeed won the jackpot.

Viking Lotto

After claiming the prize money, she immediately resigned from her work. She believes that she’s been doing the same hard work for more than 30 years and it is time for her to enjoy her life with her family. She said that the family that she used to work with always travel to Europe and tells her how beautiful it is. She said that if she was able to accumulate enough fortune for the plane ticket, she will visit Europe and have a grand vacation with her family. The Swiss lotto jackpot that she amassed was more than enough to travel the whole world.

However, she said that she will take things slowly, plan how to invest and spend her money wisely. When we asked her about the latest news about Swiss lotto saying that she is now richer than her former boss, she reacted calmly and said that she is not sure about that. Currently, she is talking with some financial adviser; she is also planning to take a short course about finance in order to properly manage this huge fortune.

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