Learn About Switzerland’s Best Lottery Games

Swiss Lotto offers a huge range of lottery games for Switzerland’s residents to play. As there are so many games to select from, it is challenging to know the best.

The answer to this query is either EuroMillions or Ecco; however, this is determined by the kind of lottery player you are.

Choosing the Ideal Lottery Game

Two varied kinds of lottery players exist. The first one has dreams about leading an affluent life. This is inclusive of things such as exotic cars, mansions and holidays to all regions of the globe. This kind of individual desires to win a huge quantity of cash and does not focus on winning odds.

The second kind of individual also desires to win a huge quantity of cash but is a lot more realistic. So, he focuses a lot on the odds and engages in playing games where he has more chances of winning.

If you fall under the first category of lottery player and desire to win a large quantity of cash, the most ideal game offered by Swiss Lotto is EuroMillions. EuroMillions presents a multi-country lottery provided via select European states such as Switzerland.

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However, due to the huge number of individuals who play the game all through Europe, normally jackpots go up to the range of millions of Euros. These large jackpots enable the kind of person with big dreams to have the chance to realize his dreams.

If you are the second kind of lottery player, the most ideal game offered by Swiss Lotto is called Ecco. Ecco’s top prize is 20,000 Swiss Francs. This is equal to $19,000 USD and more. This is not close to the prize levels provided by EuroMillions; however, the odds are a lot better.

Playing EuroMillions

Initially, EuroMillions was played throughout Europe but now, players outside these European countries can play. It comprises of 50 numbers where players choose their initial five (5) figures from 1-50.

The following 2 figures from 1-9 are known as the ‘lucky stars.’ Generally, players need to choose their seven figures from 7/50 or fifty numbers.

So as to play Euromillions lottery and become a winner, you need to beat the odds and make them work in your favor. You can do this effectively when you establish a dependable system that will raise your winning odds.

The syndicate system is among the systems that work effectively with EuroMillions lottery. Players who take part in the syndicate system have more benefit of winning the jackpot, compared to individual players who play alone.

Players of Swiss EuroMillions have the chance to win more prizes because of the 2 Chance or Second Chance draw when they play EuroMillions. In this supplementary game, five main numbers found on their tickets are entered into a different draw with prizes for matching 3, 4 or 5 numbers.

So as to win the highest prize of about CHF150, 000, players should match each of the five drawn numbers. If no player is able to match five figures in the 2 Chance draw, the tier’s prize fund rolls down and is allotted to winning players who have been able to match 4 or 3 numbers.

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