Netherlands Lotto Games & Eurojackpot All You Need To Know

The Netherlands like other countries belonging to the European Union is also an active organizer of the EuroJackPot which is celebrated in a big way in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Netherlands. It is very important to note that all amateur players and new players of the lottery of the world must take a little time to get everything they need to know about the lottery games in Netherlands so they can have more chances of winning.

The boat of the EuroJackPot always starts with a pot of 10 million €, which is accumulated due going every week where there are no winners, up to a maximum jackpot of 90 million €. Without a doubt the EuroJackPot lotto is considered as the pan-european game, where some 18 countries that are the official organizers and players without a doubt are enjoying at the highest level.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world who are joining the internet to play this European lottery, which has as its main objective to make all participants have the potential to be the winner of one of the 12 categories of awards that are found in the Netherlands lotto games.

So, if you want to know how you can play and win the EuroJackPot of Netherlands and the other countries of Europe, then we invite you to continue reading this article until the end and filters for the links available on this website and find out everything you need to know about the lottery games from the Netherlands and the world.

How does the EuroJackPot lotto work?

The lottery tickets are available in the stores authorized by the national lottery of all 18 countries involved and are also available in different official websites of lottery sales in the world. So, all those players who want to try their luck playing the EuroJackPot The lotto of Netherlands and live outside of any of these European countries, all you have to do is play the lottery online and receive the prize is won.

What are the rules of the game?

The rules of the game of lottery EuroJackPot Netherlands online are very simple and apply to all countries involved and are the following:

  • All players must have more than 18 years
  • each one of drawings are held at 21:00 h. and the results can be found online in the winning number
  • The prize minimum with which starts the game has a jackpot of 10 million €
  • The boat can reach a maximum of 90 Million €

How do you play?

  1. Players must select 5 main numbers, which are from an array of realign that goes from 1 to 50, in addition have to select 2 numbers bonus, an array of number from 1 to 10.
  2. The objective of the game is that the players will match the numbers you chose, with the resulting numbers and win the top prize of 10 million € or the maximum prize of 90 million €, which will depend on the accumulated on the boat of the week you are playing.
  3. EuroJackPot account with 12 categories of awards, where the first 3 categories are those that contain awards much more juicy than the rest of the other categories. It is worth mentioning that players can start earning from that match 2 numbers on the ticket, with the numbers of the prize.

Every Friday of every week, the EuroJackPot starts their games with a minimum of US$10 million. If this “bigger” prize is not won, then the total number of this prize is accumulated for the next draw. The awards will continue to accumulate as the weeks without a winner, until you have a total of US$90 million, which is known as the “Prize”

Where do the funds come from for each one of the prizes?

The bottom of the awards, is the total amount of the money from the sale of the tickets, which is returned to the players in the form of awards. The percentage of each of the categories, is shared between players who have tickets in these winning categories. It is worth mentioning that the rewards you receive each of the winners is fairly balanced.

No doubt there are many lotteries of the Netherlands which share a common goal of awards with respect to each of the players, which is to motivate them with boats of awards millionaires to continue playing and participating in these events that move masses. The large demand that exists in the world by millions of players from the national lottery has made it possible for European countries to open their doors to over the Internet to anyone who want to try their luck outside their country, without having to travel to one of these countries of Europe and claim their prizes online without any problem and with the legality.

It is very important to note that, all players that are added to this list of fans and lovers of games of chance such as the lottery, you have to register at the official web sites of sale of lotto tickets from all over the world by placing personal data verifiable, because when one of them is the winner of one of the hundreds of prizes to be raffled have to have all of your information list to be able to claim the prize that you have won.

It is for this reason that we recommend to each of the players online, look for secure web sites where they can buy their lottery tickets at the cost that is, so that they are not cheated. So, thanks to technology, the truthful and objective information that many means of communication such as this is transmitted to each of the users is that we can say that you can play any lottery in the world without any problems and safely.

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