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The region of Switzerland has banned any type of gambling activities for most of the 20th century. A regulation was passed in 1921 by the country’s government and all kinds of activities like these were forbidden in the state.

In Switzerland, even though gambling operations are moderately new, most inhabitants acknowledge it as an adored leisure activity. 50% and more of the Swiss inhabitants participate in the state’s national lottery frequently.

In view of the fact that sports and poker betting as well as casinos are entirely lawful, the sector is anticipated to rise in fame.

Switzerland Online Casino Summary

As stated before, in 1921 the country restricted gambling and the restriction remained in place until 1993. The new legislation that was effected at the time still failed to entirely reverse the official prohibition. The reason is that it just allowed casino gambling with limited-stakes.

Many years afterwards in April 2000, the Federal Law on Games of Chance and Casinos allowed unlimited stakes gambling. It occurred for the initial time in around 80 years. Also, Swiss gambling regulations ensured that games were split into a couple of sections termed as games of chance and games of skill. Games of chance were the only ones permitted to be played in casinos based in Switzerland.

Up to now, there are nineteen casinos situated over the region of Switzerland. Additionally, there are eleven tracks for horse racing. The national lottery remained unlawful under the 1921 laws terms; however, the Switzerland cantons or provinces were permitted to arrange separate state lotteries.

Applicable Legislation

Swiss laws indicate that cantonal and federal supervisory regulators that handle the appropriate execution of the native gambling regulation exists. The Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) manages gambling games of luck (cash). It works as a separate public authority board that also forms a section of the federal Department of Justice and Police in the state.

Where supervising and managing casinos is concerned, the Gaming Board holds regulatory activities and monitors their adherence to the 1998 Federal Act of Games of Chance and Casinos. Also, SFGB presents the authority which makes resolutions on whether a game will be categorized as a game of skill or a game of chance.

The Swiss Federal Council defines the authority whose role is to provide casino licenses. Also, it decides the overall quantity of licenses to be provided and their validity period.

Meanwhile, the Intercantonial Lottery and Betting Board and the cantons manage the lotteries and betting. The Betting Board was formally set up in 2006 as the international licensing and supervising authority for establishments for betting and lottery on the country’s regions. The Board carries out the assessment of the license applications.

The Federal Constitution’s article 106 applies to Games of luck. It differentiates the two kinds of gaming; lotteries and casino gambling. To date, the Federal Gambling Act works as the key federal regulation connected to the gambling law on the country’s territory.

Under public law, casino licenses are only issued to legal entities. Currently, licenses can be provided to co-operatives arranged according to the local legislation in the event that their members mainly live in Switzerland. Also, licenses are issued only if the applicant possesses sufficient capital and has good standing and can present guarantees for a suitable business.

In relation to providing a lottery license, permissions like this are only issued to public-law institutions and corporations as well as associations of people and foundations. It is a requirement for all lottery providers like these to have their main address on the country’s territory.

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