Purchasing a Ticket for Euromillions Online to Join the Race in Becoming £168 Million Wealthier

The reason players who cannot go to a certified lottery seller can nowadays still have access to a jackpot that alters their life:

By playing online, a lucky punter might win the £168 million tonight, which is a record-breaker for the Euromillions jackpot. Players who cannot go to a certified lottery seller before an anticipated desperate dash for tickets are still able to get an opportunity to obtain the life-altering amount.

With Euromillions, individuals can establish an online account. After players register on the website for Euromillions, they should choose their digits and opt to play either the draws for Tuesday or Friday. Players can decide to play in the two. If you do not wish to select your own figures, a Lucky Dip produces a set of figures randomly when you buy your ticket.

Alternatively, you can utilize a Random Number Generator. Euromillions indicates that tonight, millions of Britons shall be on the lookout for the EuroMillions draw which is record-breaking, that avails its jackpot of £168 million.

Players have up to 7.30 pm to purchase tickets prior to the closure of the draw. Immediately the figures are selected, it can be viewed live on YouTube, Facebook or the website of the National Lottery from 8.40pm.

The draw is not viewed on television; however, the outcomes shall be published on the website for EuroMillions immediately after that. Britons have been advised to purchase tickets before the anticipated 200% rise in sales for this record-breaking draw.

It is approximated that 26,000 ticket will be sold at the last minute as is the tradition, each minute of the hour heading towards 7.30pm.

The most significant cash prize ever would turn any winner into one who is richer compared to Adele whose fortune is worth about £167 million and One Direction.

On Tuesday, there was no winner for the massive EuroMillions jackpot of £168 million subject to rates of exchange. Todate, the jackpot has hit the optimal jackpot of 190 million euro.  It is going to stay like this for four more draws until a winner emerges on the fifth. If one ticket-bearer claims it, tonight’s draw, which is eagerly awaited, would present the biggest winner in Europe and UK ever.

In 2011, Colin and Chris Weir who are the present holders from Largs in Scotland won an entire £161 million in EuroMillions.

Today, players have been asked to purchase their tickets early. According to Camelot, an approximated over 26,000 tickets might be sold each minute in the hour preceding the draw, shutting down at 7.30 pm.

Since the jackpot had reached its optimal, any cash that would have improved the top prize is going to be distributed among winning players in the following prize tier.

The senior winners’ adviser of the National Lottery, Andy Carter, stated: ‘the remarkable figure would be life changing, whether a syndicate or individual won. We have lots of chilled champagne on hand for celebrating.

Their winnings might also surpass the combined riches of One Direction (Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall are each worth £40 million).

“It would enable them to transform their life, and also the lives of their family and friends and we are prepared to assist them from when they claim.’

He also said, ‘This roll series of EuroMillions has seen players collect an astounding £55 million in only one month for National Lottery Good Causes’.

‘This assists big and small ventures around the nation, such as financing local community projects and the country’s awesome Paralympic and Olympic athletes.’

A team of specialist advisers from Camelot would meet the team, who provide instant suggestions on investing the cash.

In the UK, the second hugest ever winners are Gillian and Adrian Bayford from Suffolk, Haverhill. In 2012, they won £148 million. In 2012, an unidentified ticket-holder won £113 million. As of now, this year winners in the UK have won five jackpots for Euromillions. The most significant win was by a secret ticket-holder who won £87 million.

The Sunday Times Rich List indicates that the whole £168 million jackpot was won by one person, rating the person among the wealthiest individual in the UK.

They would be wealthier compared to chef Jamie Oliver whose wealth amounts to £150 million and Lewis Hamilton, the multiple champion of F1 world with £131 million and Adele the singer on £125 million.

Their winnings would surpass Robbie Williams’ earnings of £150 million, Gary Barlow’s £75 million and the combined riches of One Direction (Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall whose worth is £40 million each).

On 13 February 2004, the first draw for EuroMillions was held. Today, there are nine European nations taking part; France, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Spain.

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