Some of the Success Stories in the History of Swiss Lotto

It is okay for anyone to think that lotteries are just scams. But this is not the case since there are many of them that are genuine such as Swiss Lotto that can boast many success stories. That is why when someone wins; their names are published to create awareness on how possible it is to win. Some winners delay to collect their prizes for various reasons. There are many success stories.

Happy Carolyn and Jim Mccullar Won 380 Million Dollars In 2011

Back in the year 2011, Carolyn and Jim McCullar became the winners of 380 million dollars. Unlike many other Swiss Lotto winners, their priority was not an expensive holiday or living a luxurious life. For them, investing in profitable businesses was their priority as it was the only way they could secure the financial future of their kids and grandchildren.

Louise White Became the Millionaire in the 2012 Swiss Lotto Results

In the year 2012, Louise White became a millionaire when the Swiss Lotto results were announced. She was not looking for a luxurious life, but a way to provide for her family better and adjust her life. She became a millionaire and resorted to the help of a lawyer and a financial adviser in order to manage her fortune well. She said that she was afraid of wasting her money.

Les Robins Won the Swiss Lotto in 1993

Les Robins was a high school teacher back in the year 1993 when he participated in Swiss Lotto a decision that would turn his life around. His reward was meant to do a noble course as he opened one of America’s most successful children’s camps. In the history, this was the largest jackpot f the lottery.

Allen and Violet Large

In the year 2010, Allen and Violet managed to combine all the Swiss Lotto Winning Numbers which made them millionaires by 11.2 million dollars. They shocked many when they decided to help the sick by donating the entire jackpot to charity.

Colin Weir and Happy Christine Win 250 Million Dollars in 2011

Another success story of the Swiss lotto is that of Happy Christine and Colin Weir. The duo won 250 million dollars back in the year 2011 which was a surprise to them. They were focused on helping kids with rare diseases, and that is why they opened a charitable foundation with their fortune. Their noble course has encouraged many other winners to help the needy.

The Swiss lotto has helped many become wealthy. Lives have been changed, and there are many success stories that encourage millions to keep playing. While some lotteries have been known to waste their money, with Swiss lotto, there are just success stories. Some have donated their entire fortune to charities; some have helped the needy children while others are living in luxury. The prizes of the lottery have proved to be a real blessing to many families ever since it was launched.

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