A Complete Guide to SuperEna Max Lottery

A Complete Guide to SuperEna Max Lottery

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SuperEna Max

Are you a fan of the lottery? Do you like playing interesting lottery games that have competitive odds and great prizes? If you really belong to this group, then you would definitely like the SuperEna Max lottery. This is a global lottery game that has very frequent draws and is well-recognized for offering high cash value prizes. Launched in 2014, SuperEna Max lottery managed to gain popularity very quickly because it was developed on the format of yet another renowned European game, the Italian SuperEnalotto. Every online lottery player is familiar with SuperEnalotto, which has been around since 1997 and has some of the largest jackpot prizes that people can play for in any game.

As these lotteries have great features such as roll-down of jackpots when unclaimed and no jackpot caps, they become hugely popular because these features enable the jackpots to grow exponentially. Who doesn’t want to win a life-changing prize? While SuperEna Max follows the same format as the SuperEnalotto, it does adds some twists to make it different. SuperEnalotto tends to have varying jackpot prizes in every draw, but the same doesn’t apply to the SuperEna Max lottery because it boasts a guaranteed minimum prize of about 75 million pound sterling or €95 million.

Moreover, this game also has a special draw play option that can increase the prize amounts instantly, which gives every player an extra opportunity to boost their chances of taking home a substantial lottery prize. Therefore, it doesn’t come off as a surprise to know that the SuperEna Max lottery has quickly gained attention of the lottery enthusiasts due to its exciting and unique features and it seems to have established itself in the industry rather quickly, even though it hasn’t been around that long. As a matter of fact, the SuperEna Max lottery is here to stay for a long time and will continue to grow bigger with time.

SuperEna Max History

Since it was launched in 2014, the sale of tickets has skyrocketed and SuperEna Max has experienced nothing but growth. It is not just the fixed jackpot prize that’s a lure for players, but also the fact that the prize pot continues to increase by five million pounds for every draw that doesn’t have a winner and this continues for the next 10 draws. This means that whether the jackpot has a winner or not, in its 11th draw cycle, the jackpot reaches an amount of 125 million pounds. If it is still unclaimed, it is rolled down to the other prizes.

From the next draw onwards, the jackpot goes back to its fixed amount of 75 million pounds and the draw cycle starts again. Due to this structure, it is a given that most SuperEna Max lottery draws are quite interesting and there are huge prizes at stake because taking home the jackpot is not very easy. In contrast, it may be months before the jackpot prize of the SuperEnalotto reaches such a hefty amount and this is a positive side of the SuperEna Max lottery draw.

SuperEna Max Jackpot

Put simply, it means that if you have a SuperEna Max winning lottery ticket, you are guaranteed to get a fixed jackpot prize of 75 million pounds. It cannot get anymore simpler than this. Moreover, the results of the latest draw are immediately posted after the draw is conducted and the winning numbers are decided according to the published winning numbers of the official SuperEnalotto draw that’s conducted on the same day. Players have the option of viewing the SuperEna Max raffle draw numbers, results as well as prize breakdowns and winners online. If that’s not enough, the operator of the SuperEna Max lottery have also added a Superdraw play option, which guarantees that players will be able to play for a fixed prize jackpot higher than 100 million euros at least once every month.

This gives you even more reason to participate in the SuperEna Max lottery, especially if you want to take home a massive prize. The draws for this particular lottery game are conducted every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week at 7:30 pm Central European Time in Rome, Italy. This is also a good thing for lottery players because it means that they have three chances every week to hit those lucky SuperEna Max lottery numbers and get a windfall that can truly transform their life.

How to Win SuperEna Max

Now, moving onto the most important aspect of any lottery game; the numbers. As mentioned above, the SuperEna Max lottery follows the same format as that of SuperEnalotto and anyone who has played the latter will not have any trouble in playing the former. In order to complete one line or entry, players are required to select six numbers from a total of 90. As is the theme in most lottery games, you are required to match all six numbers in a single entry for claiming the jackpot offered by the SuperEna Max lottery.

Other than the jackpot, there are five prize tiers and winning them has different requirements. For winning the second prize, you have to match five numbers drawn as well as the bonus number. The third prize only asks players to match five of the numbers that are drawn in the SuperEna Max lottery draw. The fourth, fifth and sixth prize tiers require players to match four, three and two numbers respectively in order to claim a cash prize. The prizes given out tend to vary in every draw and decrease with each tier.

As mentioned before, it is not just the absolutely mouth-watering, eye-popping and guaranteed jackpots that make SuperEna Max so interesting to lottery players. The game also boasts an occasional super draw option that can add up to 100 million euros to an already huge jackpot prize thereby making it a staggering sum. This happens because every now and then, you will find a super draw play option, which is called the SuperStar. If players opt to go with this option and also succeed in matching the winning numbers, they will be able to inflate their total potential winnings, which is a major benefit of this game.

When the announcement for Superdraw is made, players have to choose their six numbers just like usual. However, participation in this draw does require players to choose an additional number from a set of 1 to 90. You can access this feature directly on the SuperEna Max lottery website. This extra number set is used for randomly drawing a SuperStar number. You can only select the SuperStar number if you have selected this feature. After they have chosen their regular numbers and SuperStar numbers, players have to wait for the draw.

If they succeed in matching the six numbers and also the SuperStar number, they will have absolutely no trouble in winning the extra €100 million. Sure, this is easier said than done, but this is how these mega lotteries have been designed. In order to build up the jackpots, the odds of the game are undoubtedly long and players continue to buy more tickets hoping to win. Then, when a win does finally happen, the prize pot has reached a very special level and can change your life completely. Even if the prize is not as high as the Powerball, it is still spectacular in its own right.

Nevertheless, while the draws are conducted three times a week, there is still something standing between you and your life-changing prize; six numbers. So, how can you boost your chances of winning? Here are some tips that can come in handy when choosing your numbers. There is no formula or method that will help you in calculating the exact six numbers that will be drawn, but using these tricks definitely improve your chances and can help you in selecting the best possible combination that will aid you in winning a prize:

  • Go with random

If you have studied the lottery, you will know that the draws are completely random. No matter what lottery you are participating in, whether it is the SuperEna Max lottery or the US Powerball, the winning numbers are drawn at random. There is no specific algorithm that’s used and every number has an equal chance of being drawn. Therefore, as the winning numbers are chosen randomly, a lot of people also decide to play with random numbers as this just might help them win.

Choosing random numbers on your own is difficult because no matter how hard you try, you may pick a number due to some specific reason. In this case, the Quick Pick option is a good one and it is also available online. A machine or computer picks random numbers on your behalf and you can choose to play this combination to improve your odds of winning.

  • Select frequently picked numbers

Another strategy that you can use to play the SuperEna Max lottery is to select frequently picked numbers. To check this, all you need to do is visit the lottery’s website and find the latest numbers that have been drawn in the past few draws. A look at the results can help you figure out which numbers are drawn most frequently. You can take a look at frequent winning numbers or even those numbers that come up with less frequency. After checking out both types, you can play sequences that are combination of both these numbers.

Winning numbers that tend to be drawn frequently are most likely to remain frequent winners. If you have played a number that’s not chosen as frequently, you may have to wait for a couple of draws to see if it is drawn when it is ‘due’ to win. After all, lottery is mostly a game of luck with just a pinch of strategy thrown in. However, you should bear in mind that if you are playing frequently winning numbers, others might follow the same route and you may have to split the prize with others if the numbers are drawn again. Thus, it is a good idea to add your own touch of twist to the combination.

  • Play your own numbers

If you don’t want to base your choice on patterns or randomness, you can select your numbers for the SuperEna Max lottery yourself. Lots of people out there believe in lucky numbers and you may have some as well. It is possible that these numbers center around important events or dates in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries or others. Some have lucky numbers like a phone number, year, month or even address. Why not use them when choosing the numbers to play in the SuperEna Max lottery draw?

You can form a combination of these numbers and then play them through your ticket. The key here is to have enough numbers to fill your ticket because if you have to borrow numbers, they might not stay lucky anymore.

Any of these number strategies can be quite useful when you want to increase your odds of winning the SuperEna Max lottery jackpot. There is no one strategy that is the best and you can try them all by buying multiple tickets. Of course, buying a large number of tickets is also an excellent way of boosting your odds of winning because every ticket adds to your chance. But, you should not exceed your budget because there is a chance you may not win. If the number strategies do work and you end up with the winning ticket, you have to claim the prize within 90 days of the draw.

Any sort of delay will not work in your favor because your prize will be forfeit then and this is not something you may want. It is also essential to remember that you have to be at least eighteen if you want to play the SuperEna Max lottery or else you will not be allowed to play. The game is a global one and you can play it no matter where you are, as long as it is permitted in your country, and get a chance to win huge prizes.

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