Sweden Lotto

Sweden Lotto

Sweden Lotto – Playing One of the World’s Oldest Lotteries

One of the oldest lottery games that you can find in this world is the Sweden Lotto. Introduced by Svenska Spel, this is a traditional jackpot game that is of great interest and excitement to all the participants. The history of the game can be traced back to 1896 and millions of people have gotten richer over the decades, all thanks to their participation in the Sweden Lotto. In 2007 alone, a total of 292 millionaires were produced by Sweden Lotto. Needless to say, these figures have made this particular game extremely attractive for both local and international lottery players.

Playing Sweden Lotto Online

Previously, the Sweden Lotto could only be played by lottery enthusiasts in the country or those who were on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Things have changed considerably these days. Thanks to the introduction of online lottery providers, it has become possible for everyone around the world to try their luck in these lotteries, regardless of where they are based. Now, you have the opportunity to play the Sweden Lotto whenever you wish and you can purchase your tickets for the game at any time you want without having to go anywhere at all.

Swiss Lotto

Sweden Lotto Draws

There are two drawings of the Sweden Lotto in a week and they are conducted on Wednesday and Saturday at 5:45 pm CET. In order to participate in the Sweden Lotto, players are required to choose a total of seven numbers from a pool of 35. You can win the big prize if you are able to match your numbers with the ones that are drawn. Apart from the main numbers that are drawn twice each week, there are some additional opportunities also available, which can help you in winning a prize. You can purchase your tickets for the Sweden Lotto through a variety of credit cards, which include Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club and Maestro.

Sweden Lotto Tickets

You can also get your tickets for the game by making payment through wire transfer or writing a cheque. Online payment methods are also at your disposal, which include JCB, GiroPay and MoneyBookers amongst others. Sweden Lotto is considered one of the best games for lottery players to try because it has a record jackpot of almost 237.67 million Swedish Krona (27.9 million dollars). As mentioned before, the game has a 7 out of 35 format and other than choosing the seven main numbers, players are also required to select four bonus numbers.

The drawings for Sweden Lotto are held on Wednesday and Saturday and you can choose to participate in one or both of the drawings. If all seven numbers in the respective draw are matched, the player will be able to take home the jackpot. One fact that people should remember when playing the Sweden Lotto is that there is a Joker element associated with this game and it can influence your chances of winning as well as the prize tiers. The Joker element was introduced in the game back in 1984 for the purpose of making the game more exciting and fun.

Nonetheless, it is not the only way for people to win in the Sweden Lotto and there are plenty more alternatives, which can add a unique twist to the game. Dromvisten is one of the most prominent opportunities that you can explore and it means dream profit. If you are able to match the main seven numbers and 2 of the bonus numbers, you will get the opportunity of benefitting from special prizes. One of the most exciting facts that lottery players will be interested in knowing when they play the Sweden Lotto is that no taxes are applicable on lottery prizes in the country. This means that any sum that you win through the lottery game will be paid out in their entirety.

Taxes and Security

In the case of an international player, you will need to know about the taxes applicable in your own country on any lottery winnings, whether won through local games or through international ones. When you are participating in an international lottery game such as Sweden Lotto, it is a good idea to speak to a taxation specialist or an attorney to get the right advice. Another great perk of the Sweden Lotto is that the jackpot is paid out in the form of lump sum.

You don’t have to worry about Sweden Lotto being a scam because it was introduced by the national entity known as Svenska Spel. The company was formed a long time ago, but it came under the full ownership of the Swedish state in 1943. Today, Svenska Spel provides its support to a number of useful and good initiatives. A portion of the money that’s generated through the ticket sales of the Sweden Lotto are given to the Treasury, which then distributes it amongst causes and initiatives that require funding.


When it comes to winning the biggest prize in the Sweden Lotto, you should be aware that the odds of this happening are 1 in 6,724,520. These odds are quite competitive, especially considering the fact that a number of national lotteries usually follow the 6 out of 49 format instead of the 7 out of 35 format. Thus, only having a pool of 35 numbers to choose from works in favor of the lottery players. In the event that no player is able to match the draw numbers and the jackpot is not won, it is rolled towards the next draw thereby making a win-win situation for everyone.

Other than the grand prize i.e. the jackpot, there are four additional prize tiers in the Sweden Lotto. You can take home the second prize if you are able to match six main numbers and one bonus number in the draw. The odds of accomplishing this are 1 in 240,161. If you only match six main numbers and not the bonus number, you will be eligible for the third prize. There is a 1 in 40,027 chance of this happening. The fourth prize can be claimed by players who match five main numbers in the draw and the odds of doing so are 1 in 847. The last prize category requires players to match at least four numbers and chances of any player managing this are 1 in 59.

There is no minimum guaranteed jackpot in the Sweden Lotto, but the sums are definitely worth taking a shot at. Depending on the number of weeks in which there hasn’t been a winner and the drawing, the total jackpot could definitely become quite attractive. The biggest jackpot that was ever claimed in the Sweden Lotto was in April 2013. As mentioned above, a sum of 236.67 million krona was won by a man from Eastern Sweden. The second biggest jackpot in the history of the Sweden Lotto was paid out in 2010 and was a massive sum of 214.59 Swedish Krona.

Over the years, there have been a number of other impressive jackpots in the Sweden Lotto. For instance, there was a 134 million Krona jackpot and also a 123.9 million Krona jackpot that was claimed back in 2011.

The prize for the lower prize tiers are not fixed either. The prizes for the lower tiers depend on the number of people who win in a category and the number of tickets sold for the Sweden Lotto. The overall prize is evenly divided amongst all the people who won a prize in a certain tier. The estimated value for the first prize is usually 1,000,000 Swedish Krona. The second prize tier, which requires six numbers and the Joker number, is usually near the value of 50,000 Swedish Krona.

The third prize is in the vicinity of 4,000 krona, the fourth is around 130 krona and the fifth prize falls between the range of 22 and 24 krona. As stated earlier, there could be some variation for a respective drawing, depending on the sale of the tickets for the Sweden Lotto.

If you are participating in the Sweden Lotto, it is to win a prize. While the odds are definitely favorable as compared to other lottery games, they are still not that easy. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be empty-handed after all is said and done. One important fact that players need to be aware of is that your winnings depend on the numbers you select. Therefore, you have to be cautious in choosing your numbers and avoid any common mistakes that people make.

Some of the things you should and shouldn’t do are highlighted below:

  • Use odd and even numbers

When you have to pick your numbers for the Sweden Lotto, you should bear in mind that you choose both odd and even numbers. It is very rare for all odd or all even numbers to be picked in a draw and you don’t want to waste away your ticket on such a bet. Thus, it is a good idea to use ensure that the numbers you choose are both even and odd. The combination depends on you; you can choose three odd and four even, three even and four odd or whatever combination that works for you.

  • Use high and low numbers

One mistake you need to avoid is choosing numbers only from one number group. In Sweden Lotto, you have 35 numbers to choose from so your combination should have numbers less than 16 as well as numbers higher than 16. Don’t just choose numbers in the 10s or 20s as that will reduce your chances of matching many numbers.

  • Avoid consecutive numbers

Yes, it is very tempting to use patterns like consecutive numbers, but you need to remember that it is extremely rare for such combinations to be chosen. The lottery draws are random, which means there is no pattern or algorithm that determines the numbers selected. Choosing consecutive numbers is not going to do you any good in terms of improving your odds of winning.

  • Don’t play past winning numbers

One more mistake that some lottery players make is to play numbers that have already been drawn in the past. As highlighted above, there is no set formula for choosing the numbers of the draw and the selection is made at random. This means that there is very little chance of the same combination of numbers being drawn again. Sure, numbers will repeat as the pool of numbers in the Sweden Lotto is 35, but the exact same numbers being drawn again is a rarity that seldom occurs. It is best not to waste your ticket on this strategy.

  • Try out random

Lottery draws are conducted at random; this cannot be said enough. Therefore, some lottery experts believe that playing a random number combination can do you wonders when participating in the Sweden Lotto. Try as you might, it is difficult to choose random numbers on your own and you end up adding one of your own lucky numbers. It is better to go with the Quick Pick option and let the machine choose numbers on your behalf. This ensures you have a random combination of numbers, which is not the same as others.

  • Avoid using lottery software

If you search for tips on how to win the lottery, you will come across a ton of lottery software and tools that claim to aid you in knowing exactly how to beat the odds. Most of these tools are nothing but scams that are after your money and will not bring you any results. There is no possible way anyone or any program can tell you the exact lottery numbers that will be drawn. Avoid software that make such far-fetched claims and look for some reliable ones that can give you a solid combination by using different strategies such as wheeling.

You can try several of these number selection tips when you are participating in the Sweden Lotto and it will help you in choosing numbers that have excellent chances of being drawn. Depending on the numbers you match, you will win one of the prize tiers.

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