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Lotto Strategies

Have you ever thought about winning the lottery? Whenever you come across news of someone who has won the jackpot, it is natural to imagine yourself in their place and think of what you would do if you ever won. Most people are sure that winning the lottery is impossible and only someone who is lucky can ever win it. Therefore, when and if they buy a ticket, they just opt for a random one and not think twice about it or they visit websites like ours just to have a little fun with a lottery game. As lottery numbers are drawn randomly, people have come to believe that there are no strategies or formula you can use for winning it.

However, this is not the truth. There are strategies and software that can come in handy because they increase your chances of winning the lottery. They can help you in choosing your numbers for the lottery draw and there is a good chance that you just might claim the jackpot. The key to winning the Swiss lottery is to remember that even randomly drawn numbers can have patterns that can be observed, tracked and then used to your advantage. An analysis of the lotto results of almost 200 lotto games that are played globally since 1955 has revealed a couple of things.

First is that what seems to be the most possible tends to happen most often and second is that what seems least possible will happen least often. Playing the probabilities is the key to playing the Swiss lottery, whether you do it online at you opt for the traditional method. For instance, if you choose a number pattern that happens about five percent, it means that this will lose 95 percent of the time and so you will have no chance of winning. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t ignore the probabilities.

How can you ensure you are not doing so? Follow the tips outlined below and you just might win the Swiss lottery:

– Odd even lotto number

When you are choosing the lottery numbers, it is best for you to choose a mix of odd and even numbers. All even numbers or all odd numbers are drawn very rarely and it only happens about one percent of the time. The ideal mix is to have four odd and two even, two odd and four even or three even and three odd. At least one of these patterns is seen in lottery drawings 83 percent of the time.

– High-low lotto number

The winning numbers are usually from the whole number field. If a number field is cut in half, there is the high half and the low half. The Swiss Lotto is a 42 number games so the high half would be 22 to 42 whereas the low half is 1 to 21. Only in 1 percent of the drawings all low numbers or high numbers are seen. The ideal mix is the same for odd even; four high and two low, tow high and four low and three high and three low. This pattern is seen in the winning lottery numbers in about 82 percent of the situations.

– Lottery number group

Check the list of the past numbers that have won the Swiss Lottery and you will see that in most cases, one or several of the number groups are nowhere to be seen. You need to keep track of number groups and study them as this can aid you in deciding what groups need to be focused on and the ones that need to be omitted.

– Lottery number sum

Once you have chosen six numbers you want to use for playing lottery games at our website or any other website, you need to add them together. The key is to ensure that the sum of the six chosen numbers fall between 100 and 158. Statistics show that 70 percent of the winning jackpots have numbers whose sum fall between the above range.

– Repeat hits

In 59 percent of the cases, one lottery number, on average, will be a repeat hit from the previous drawing. You have to decide what number it might be and go with it.

– Hot number

In about four lottery games or less, the numbers that have turned out to be losers account for almost half of the winning numbers that are selected. In fact, 80 percent of all winning numbers are actually numbers that have lost in ten games or less. This indicates that hot numbers have a higher probability of hitting, but your group of six numbers should include at least one long shot.

– Cold number

It is difficult to figure out when a long losing streak of a cold number will come to an end. If you are playing a specific number in every drawing because you believe it is due for a win then you might be chasing it for a long time. However, if the number has been out for at least 70 games or more, then chasing it might be a good idea because chances are high that it will hit.

Other than following these tips for choosing your lottery numbers when playing the Swiss lottery on our site, you can also think about taking advantage of a lottery pool or syndicate. This is when people choose to pool their money together and then use the collected sum for participating in lottery games. Yes, this means that if you win the jackpot it will have to be divided, but the fact is that it is better to win something than nothing at all. Even if your luck doesn’t work, you will be able to cash in on someone else’s luck and still win a substantial sum as Swiss lottery jackpots can be huge.

As long as you follow the tips that are mentioned above, you will be able to greatly increase your chances of winning the lottery and taking home a big jackpot.

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