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The Swiss Lotto is and always has been an extremely popular domestic lottery draw game. Almost as a mirror of the people, it gained a well-earned reputation as being a highly professional lotto that for many years was the envy of the European countries. Being such a small country meant that the Swiss Lotto didn’t face the same bureaucratic obstacles as say the UK & France. This is why the Swiss Lotto has been going, basically in the same format as it currently is, since 1970! Since then this small country has not been a small lottery by any stretch of the imagination.

The Swiss Lotto is basic lottery in the way it is built and ran with one small exception: The Draw itself is a 6/45 draw, meaning you have to choose 6 balls from a pool of 45 to win the jackpot. The only slight variant added in recent times was the inclusion of a joker ball around 20 years ago as a way to spice up the draw and allow more chances to hit the jackpot. The Swiss Lotto has a limitless rollover model meaning that the jackpot keeps growing until a winner is found. This has resulted in huge rollover jackpots over the time. The record jackpot for the Swiss Lotto is $50 million.

You see, to make a successful lottery, you need to meet one of two criteria (if you have both, great!). The first is that you need a large population; you need enough people to buy the tickets to then use this ticket money as the prizes in the draw. This is why the bigger the population pool, the bigger the jackpots will be. The second criteria needed to form a successful lottery draw game is that you need a population with disposable income, the more income the people have to play with, the bigger the jackpots will be. The Swiss Lotto fits the latter criteria more so than the former! With a population of 8,400,000 this country lottery has around 10% the potential players as the state lottery SuperLotto Plus!

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Swiss Lotto

The number of players might not be so much but the value of each player is. Switzerland ranks consistently in the top 5-10 countries in the world for GDP per capita – this means that the average person’s wealth is high here. For 2016, the GDP per capita of Switzerland was $59,160 – this is higher than America, UK, France and the highest European country aside from Luxembourg (barely even a country with a population of 500,000 people) and Norway.

Swiss Lotto – Online

What the online lotto revolution has meant for draws such as the Swiss Lotto is that people now from all around the world can essentially piggy back on top of the high quality  players in an attempt to win a bigger jackpot than they could have dreamed of in their home country. This is why the Swiss Lotto and online lottery in general has become so popular over recent years.

Play Swiss Lotto Online

If you have the chance to, you should play the Swiss Lotto. It is a great lottery for the many reasons we have elaborated on in this article and many more reasons that we did not have time to fit into this piece. In the coming weeks, we will show you some neat tips and tricks to playing the Swiss Lotto and what to avoid when picking your lucky lotto numbers.

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