‘th‘Kick’ Becomes Winner of the Main Event for PokerStars High Rollers for $413K

This weekend, Austrian ‘th’Kick’ who resides in Switzerland became winner of a significant prize of $413,157 following his $2,100 NLHE: High Rollers 23 $2M Gtd at PokerStars (Main event).

This event, which took a couple of days finished the series of High Rollers and the finale was appropriate. A field was set up with players numbering 1,333 regardless of the tournament buy-in being a tempting $2,100. $666,000 beat the guarantee of $2 million.

A great number of major online poker’s names and experienced experts participated in the Main Event of High Rollers. For an important tournament like this whose objective was to award its champion above $400,000, you can expect this.

The names indicating the ones who did not go up to the cash area can fill a number of paragraphs. It indicates how high the competition was in the tournament. However, there is a name that is conspicuous; Martin ‘nizmo jiz’ Kozlov. The reason is that he ranked 171, becoming the final player to emerge with nothing.

Team PokerStars’ Andre Akkari took advantage of Kozlov’s departure in the High Rollers Main Event. Every person was assured of a return of $4,306 on their investment of $2,100. Luminaries like Talal Shakerchi ‘raidalot’ (166th for $4,306), Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari “aakkari” (101st – $5,507), “Legenden” (138t h – $4,306) as well as Chris Oliver “ImDaNuts” (22nd – $14,724) only represented a few grinders that cashed.

Reaching the Final Table

Each person obtained a guarantee of $30,788 by the time of reaching the final table. It was quite a final table. “Lincownz”, from Brazil a former champion on Sunday Million was the initial player to miss their hoard at the final table. The finish at 9th place earned him/her $30,788. After this, ‘thehushpuppy’ of the United Kingdom joined Lincownz at the rail and received a haul of $42,593.

The competition became less stiff when Ole ‘wizowizo’ ranked 7th for $58,927. Schemion is among the elite grinders in the globe, and might have made a valuable champ in this online occasion. However, it did not happen. Sixth position as well as $81,523 was awarded to the existing number one, stated Simon ‘C.Darwin2” Mattson, PocketFives.

The Swede player is awesome, presenting above $8.8 million online poker tournament winnings. The withdrawal of Mattson meant a guaranteed score of six-figures for the five players who remained. ‘Prebz’ attained the first prize, ranking 5th ($112,784). First, Connor ‘blanconegro’ joined Prebz on the table for payout, then ‘hdjgkfkgsd,’ the person that each blogger dreads, got $215,864.

No deal existed between “MkMyWishFish” and th’Kick’ in spite of the existence of a pay jump of $114,000. It will give th’Kick joy to know that there was no deal because he/she brushed MkMyWishFish aside to finish the runner up to a consolation prize of $298,639, and to personally claim the significant $413,157.

The Kick obtains another huge score

It is surprising that this is not the biggest online cash for th’Kick’. He achieved this in the Main Event of 2017 $10,400 NLHE: SCOOP-55-H where he won $690,348. The winner of that specific tournament was Charlie ‘Epiphany77,’ Carrel, a British superstar. He won a whopping $1,200,899. Incidentally, Drinan as well as Mattsson attended the final table also.

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