Three Famous Lottery Myths Debunked

There are many myths when it comes to playing and winning the lottery. All of those myths, however, have an origin, and some of them are even based on real life events. Regardless of that, they are called myths for a reason after all a myth is making believe story which spreads false magnified ideas. We want to debunk those myths and allow you to play Swiss Lotto without your consciousness worrying you at the back of your head.

Struck by Lightning

This is one of the most common myths and we are certain that you have heard of it before. Just imagine you are waiting to receive the Swiss Lotto winning numbers and you get hit by lightning. The statistical chance of that happening during a person’s whole lifetime is estimated at about six hundred thousand per one. Now imagine how low it is when it comes down to those exact minutes of you playing the Swiss Lotto, receiving the drawn numbers and cashing in your ticket. The number is probably going to be a billion to one or even higher.

Obviously, the superstition forced scientist to conduct a research based on people that get hit by lightning and people that win a million euros or more in the Swiss Lotto or Euro Millions. The statistics showed that for ten millionaires out of the lottery, only a single person gets hit by a lightning and obviously the chances of those two matching are almost nonexistent, although it has indeed happened before. It is how the myth first came to existence.

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Playing the Same Numbers for Years

Swiss Lotto winning numbers could be different absolutely every week until the end of time. There is no connection between the numbers you are playing and the ones that are being drawn. In theory, as long as you play an infinite amount of times during an infinite period you would surely win the jackpot, however this is not the case in reality. It does not matter whether you play the same numbers or change them every week. The case still ends up being as random for you as for anyone else. Check the Swiss Lotto results in the past and you will see what we are talking about.

Once You Win the Jackpot, You’re Done

Most people believe that once you use that portion of your luck – you are done. There is surely no way you would win the Swiss Lotto jackpot twice is there? The reality shows plenty of cases of lottery winners that won the jackpot as much as 5 times. Yeah, indeed unbelievable and quite rare, but the possibility is still out there.

Years ago, an Englishmen won millions out of the Euro Millions twice in the span of two years. There are many other examples of such winners, but we don’t want to bore you with them.  We hope to have managed to change your time so you would play the Swiss Lotto care free now.

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