Viking Lotto Switzerland

Powerball - Buy 1 ticket, get 1 FREE! Viking Lotto presents the initial multi-national lottery in the globe. As the aim is to have a lot of players taking part and creating a high prize pool, this game is present all through Scandinavia. It is available internationally also.

At first, the states taking part in Viking Lotto were Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. Nowadays, the game’s reach has developed greatly and gone much further than the Scandinavian Peninsula boundaries.

Rules for Viking Lotto

Go to to play Viking Lotto and select six digits varying between 1-48. In case your digits match the digits that were drawn on the particular Wednesday, you become a winner!

Payment Options for Viking Lotto

Numerous expedient payment options are present for playing Viking Lotto. You are able to use a Visa, MasterCard, GiroPay, Diner’s Club, Maestro, cheques, Moneybookers payments and wire transfers to pay for your ticket. A number of other options are present also.

 Hugest Jackpots for Viking Lotto

The Viking Lotto jackpot carries a record of 25 million euro and the lottery is famous, with huge opportunities for people who are keen in becoming big winners! Go through the winning odds for Sweden Viking Lotto and select your digits to try your luck.

Details of Viking Lotto Rules

It is very easy to play Viking Lotto; however, as there are two methods of winning and increasing prizes, first-timers might feel a little awed.

This breakdown of the regulations will assist you to start. To play Sweden Viking Lotto, you need to select 6 digits from a pool consisting of 48.

If you are able to match 6 of the digits for the particular Wednesday drawing, you become a winner of the jackpot. The quantity of the jackpot is shared between each of the people who have an accurate digital match.

The initial prize is the same for each of the states that take part in Viking Lotto. Tiers for the lower prize are local and differences might exist between different countries.

Other than the 6 key digits, every drawing has 2 extra bonus digits. Drawing for these is carried out from the remaining 42 digits, after selection of the 6 key digits.

Powerball - Buy 1 ticket, get 1 FREE!

Players who purchase a ticket shall instantly be included in the Lucky Number Pot. This offers an extra prize in addition to the main prize tier. As you might have already realized, the 2 extra digits that are drawn establish the amount.

In case you have 6 accurate digits and 1 accurate bonus digit, you shall become the winner of a bonus for Lucky Number pot, in addition to the jackpot. The amount of the pot is not impacted by the doubling option.

The prize for Lucky Number Pot is found in each of the countries that take part, other than Sweden. Paying out of each of the Viking Lotto prizes is done as a cash lump sum. Players have 12 months from the drawing date to claim the prizes.

The method used to pay out the prize (effective for each of the tiers) will be determined by the state where the ticket was bought.  Authorized national operators have particular rules and regulations that are presented in a list on their websites.

In regard to taxation, this will also be determined by where the ticket was bought. For instance, Finland does not impose a tax on lottery income. In the event that you are a universal player, you shall also need to go through the rules in your own state. Income taxes might be relevant to you, despite the state where winning of a prize occurred.

Winning Odds of Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto has a matrix of 6 out of 48.  People become winners of the jackpot when they match each of the 6 digits for the particular drawing. The odds of turning into a millionaire are 1 in 12,271,512.

People who get 5 accurate numbers, as well as the bonus number, obtain the second prize for the particular drawing. The odds of this occurring are 1 in 1,022,626. Similar to other games which implement the same technique, the bonus ball raises the prize won in second division considerably.

Getting 5 digits right presents odds of 1 in 48,696, 4 digits – 1 in 950 and 3 digits – 1 in 53. The winning odds of any Viking Lotto prize are 1 in 51.

When doubling is used, the winning odds of a prize become a lot more promising; 1 in 27. The prices of tickets are affordable and therefore, there are a lot of methods for winning and wonderful odds. This has made Viking Lotto become very popular with people who have a passion for the lottery, from all over the world.

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Breakdown of Viking Lotto Prize

From when Viking Lotto was started in 1993, this game has been a conventional jackpot kind of game, which features a regular numerical matrix.

To become a winner of the jackpot, players need to have each of the 6 digits accurate. In case there is no winner for the particular drawing, the jackpot shall roll over to the following one. In this manner, Viking Lotto is believed to present some very remarkable jackpots.

The hugest jackpot in Viking Lotto history was in 2013. Norway is where this fantastic quantity of cash of around 25 million euro was won.

The lucky winner did not want their identity to be revealed and the authorized operator did not offer more details. In 2012, during summer, the second hugest jackpot was won. Again, the lucky individual resided in Norway.

They won around 20.3 million euro. Players who get 5 digits accurate as well as the bonus number accurate can anticipate a prize of around 30,000 euro. The prize for 5 accurate digits is 1,000 euro for 4 accurate digits- 30 euros and for 3 accurate digits – a set prize of 7 euro.

It goes without saying that the digits vary when doubling is started. As per its name, in this option, each of the prizes is doubled and this includes the standard jackpot for the particular drawing.

Doubling occurs if players pay an additional 0.2 for each line. In case the player hits a particular digit connected to the feature, each of the prizes shall be doubled.

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