Viking Lotto Winner Story

This game is one of the most popular games among all Nordic countries. Especially in Norway, it is a game played from almost all ages and continues gaining, even more, popularity over time. All a player has to do is select 6 numbers out of 48 and submit his ticket.

Viking lotto winning lottery takes place every week, and it may have more than one winner. Of course, there are times when no one is actually the winner. In these cases, the amount increases and the money goes to the winner of next week.

Money Prize

The largest amount this game has ever offered was 25 million euros in 2013. The second largest amount was given in 2012, and it was 20.3 million euros. Both winners came from Norway and remain anonymous until today. However, there are other winners whose stories can be really inspiring. Daan didn’t win so many million euros. He only won 3 million euros, and that was enough to change his whole life. Viking lotto can really change a man’s life, especially when there is actual need.

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Daan’s Former Life

Daan was a teacher at one of Arendal’s elementary schools. By the time he had played his first Viking lotto, he was 35 years old and a father of two beautiful daughters. His wife had died 5 years ago, and he was a single parent and a working man. The teacher’s salary was really low, and he could barely afford his life and his daughters’ well-being.

Daan, as he confessed a couple of years later, never believed in these games. Therefore, he had never played before. His older brother though was a real fan of Viking lotto and played a small amount on a weekly basis. Until one day he won a small prize of € 2.000. Thrilled as he was, he came straight to his younger brother to share the happy news.

Daan’s Way to Win

Though he never believed in those games, after his brother winning he decided to play a small amount and 3 different Viking lotto tickets. Daan created an account, so as to be able to play Viking lotto online. He filled one ticket, and the other two were filled by his two daughters.

Daan’s older daughter’s ticket was the winning Viking lotto ticket! With the prize, Daan managed to buy his own house and is now confident to provide a prosperous future to his children. Daan has never stopped working at the elementary school, as this has been the way for him to stay focused. He has helped many friends and family members reach out their own, personal goals.

Daan is definitely a success story, and he is not the only one. Cases such as that of Daan’s form strong and solid evidence that winning the Viking lotto could take just a single try!

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