Why People May Delay on Collecting Swiss Lotto Winnings

Most people assume that once you play Swiss Lotto online and win, you are set for life. You run to claim your prize and ride off into the sunset. Contrary to popular belief, there are those who do not immediately collect their winnings. In November of 2013, this was the case with one of the biggest Swiss Lotto winners.

Tax Obligations

Depending on when you won your Swiss Lotto prize, it could be wiser to wait until the next year to claim your winnings. This will lower the amount of tax that you have to pay for since it will be calculated as income for the next year. Tax obligations are some of the issues that cause delays in collecting one’s winnings.

Adequate Planning

Some people prefer to take some time out and think about what to do with their winnings. It is very easy to play Swiss Lotto online, win and then waste all the money on irrelevant things in a short period of time. Some winners prefer to have a plan on what to do with the money: the priorities and other obligations that take centre stage.

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Warding Off People

Once you win the Swiss Lotto, be prepared to have many friends that you did not have before. People always want to cash in on others’ good fortune. Some winners prefer to leave their winnings uncollected for some time until the hullabaloo dies down. This period provides a window for those who are only there for the money to leave. It is more of a precautionary measure for oneself.

Rules and Regulations

Once you play Swiss Lotto online and win, the law gives you six months to collect the winnings. After that, you forfeit your prize. You also have to pay taxes on the amount that you have won. In addition to this, the place of purchase receives a percentage of the winnings.

You also need to present yourself in person to be able to collect your prize. You cannot play Swiss Lotto Online and claim to have won the prize if you do not have the ticket to prove this. While buying a ticket from a seller means that you get a printed receipt at purchase, the online process also provides for printed receipts. The only difference is that the printing is left to you after you have paid the amount required and picked your preferred selection of numbers.

Compliance with the Law

It is best to be an upstanding citizen if you are going to win the Swiss Lotto. If you have been evading child support, part of your winnings will be paid out to the aggrieved party to cover for this evasion. The only way to make sure that you receive all your winnings would be to ensure that you do not have any run-in with the law.

You need to know the guidelines for playing Swiss Lotto as well as the rules for receiving your prize in case you win. You would not want to forfeit your prize on a technicality.

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