Working Student Wins Swiss Lotto Jackpot

It takes a lot of luck to get the Swiss Lotto winning numbers. And when you are fortunate enough to win it, you will not only gain lots of money but also fame. However, there are some winners who decide to remain anonymous. They don’t want other people to know that they won the jackpot. And more often than not, they strive to live their life the way they used to before winning the lotto.

Take for instance the college student who won the Swiss Lotto jackpot. Her story shows that she has luck on her side. Lotto players usually have a formula when picking their numbers. Some use their birthdays, while others pick their favorite numbers. And there are some players that study the numbers to find out what’s hot and what’s cold.

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Lucky Pick for a Very Lucky Girl

However, the college student used lucky pick for her Swiss Lotto ticket. She paid for the ticket and forgot about it. And then one day, she passed by a gas station and remembered she had lotto tickets in her purse. She scanned her ticket and was surprised to find out that she got the Swiss Lotto winning numbers.

She thought that the machine was only acting up, and asked the store owner to confirm if her numbers were the same as the Swiss Lotto results. Once the store owner confirmed she was the winner, she went to her parents’ house and told them about the good news.

Before and After the Swiss Lotto Results

Before she became the new lotto millionaire, she was a college study working part-time to pay for her tuition. She would be at school or at work, with no time to have fun. She played the Swiss Lotto because she had a couple of extra change, and thought that it would be good if she wins the jackpot to help her and her family. It was a long shot that paid off.

After she got the Swiss Lotto winning numbers, she has enough money to complete her college education without asking from her parents. She doesn’t need to work part-time anymore as well. And because she got more free time, she enrolled in an internship where she can get working experience within her chosen career. This will help enhance her curriculum vitae, and be advantageous when it is time to look for a job after graduation.

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She also used part of her Swiss Lotto winnings to pay off her parents’ mortgage. She also used some of her winnings to invest. The college student is a living proof that the first step to becoming a millionaire is to buy a Swiss Lotto ticket. Then it will up to your luck whether you win or loss. While there’s no guarantee that you will win the jackpot prize, at least you have a chance at it. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Swiss Lotto ticket today! You’ll never win the jackpot unless you buy one.


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