Zahlenlotto - Know Everything about this Unique Lottery Game

Powerball - Buy 1 ticket, get 1 FREE!Are you a lottery player? Anyone who plays the lottery regularly has become familiar with the formats used in most of the lotteries. If you don’t want to go down that route and are interested in trying out lotteries with unusual formats that can offer a lot of flexibility to players, Austria’s Zahlenlotto is for you. This lottery is often considered unique because it doesn’t boast a fixed way of claiming a prize and the amount that you do win will also vary as per the sum you have spent. Nonetheless, this lottery is considered worth trying because the price of the minimum ticket entry is just one euro.

This versatile and exciting game is offered by Win2day. It is definitely a good game to try when you want to relax and get rid of unwanted tension. The headquarters of Win2day can be found in Vienna, Austria and anyone can participate in this lottery, no matter what part of the country they might be in. The participants and players are taken very seriously by the company and the main goal is to provide everyone with a unique and optimal playing experience. Zahlenlotto is probably one of the oldest lottery games not just in the continent, but also in the world.

The launch of Austria’s Zahlenlotto was made under princess Maria Theresia, who belonged to the Habsburg family, and ruled from 1740 until she died. She was one of the most prominent rulers of that time. The first draw for the Zahlenlotto was conducted on October 21st, 1752 and a transfer of management took place in 1990. Previously, the game had been operated by Österreichischen Glücksspielmonopolverwaltung and was then transferred to Austrian Lotteries. The unique format of the game often causes people to wonder if it is a scam, but it has a long standing history that show its authenticity.

As Zahlenlotto has always been under national management, it ensures that all drawings are conducted fairly and payment of prizes is also made on time. In addition, the funds generated from the game are used for some good causes in Austria. As mentioned above, Zahlenlotto has been part of the portfolio of Austrian lotteries since 1990. This organization was established in 1986 and currently, more than 480 people are employed by it. Approximately 3.35 billion dollars were generated by Austrian lotteries in 2016 alone, all through the sale of tickets. A number of laws had been amended in 1986 after which Austrian lotteries were set up. 

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Before this time, there hadn’t been any nationwide entity that had been responsible for conducting lottery drawings, guaranteeing the fairness of the game and also managing the prize funds. The first game that became part of the Austrian Lottery portfolio was the Lotto 6/45, but it didn’t take long for them to expand their options. Today, the organization is offering a large number of games to its clients, which include Bingo!, Rubel Los, Toto, Brief Los, EuroMillions and ToiToiToi. Austrian Lotteries also has sports betting options to offer along with online bingo games.

When it comes to playing Zahlenlotto, some people may find it a bit complicated because there is not just one way that you can play this game. There are a variety of systems available and each one of them comes with certain odds of winning. These can vary such as Extract, where you have to select one number, to Ambo-Terno-5 where the player is required to opt for five numbers. Apart from choosing the numbers, the players are also required to choose the amount they wish to bet on their respective selection. The bets can be made in the range of 1 and 500 euros and this amount is used for determining the payout that the player will be given. If you have decided to make an Extract bet, you will only select a single number. If the number you have chosen is lower than the winning number in a specific drawing, the player will be able to take home winnings that are five times their bet.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to play Ambo-Terno-5, the maximum amount will be paid out to the player if they are able to match all five numbers successfully. Apart from the standard gameplay, Zahlenlotto also comes with a Joker pick, which can have an impact on the payouts. The drawings for Zahlenlotto are conducted three days a week, which are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This means that the game offers players with three opportunities for winning a prize every week. The draws on Tuesday and Thursday are held at 6 p.m. whereas the Saturday draw is held earlier, at 5 p.m.

There are seven different types of games offered to you in Zahlenlotto and you can decide what system you wish to play and select your numbers accordingly. The range of the numbers is between 1 and 90. As compared to other lottery games, there is no sharing of profits in Zahlenlotto, which means that you will be able to take home everything you earn. The seven game types that you will get are outlined below:

The first game type is Extract, as mentioned above. You select one number you believe will be drawn amongst the total five and if it turns out to be right, you will win five times the price you have bet. The probability of winning this particular game type is 1 in 18.

The second game type that you can consider is Call, where you have to bet on the first call of your prospective number. This means that the number you have selected to play should be the first one to be drawn in order for you to win. The profit factor in this game type is 25, which means that you will win 25 times the amount you have spent. The odds of winning this one are 1 in 90.

Ambo is the third game type in Zahlenlotto, which means pair in German. You can select two numbers in this game type when placing your bet. If the two numbers are drawn amongst the five, you will take home 125 times your betting amount. The odds of winning this particular bet are 1 in 400.5.

Terno is the fourth game type and this refers to a triple combination of numbers. You have to choose three numbers out of 90 and if these numbers are drawn, you will be able to win an amount that’s 3,000 times your bet. The probability of winning this game are said to be 1 in 11,748.

The fifth game type is called the Ambo Terno 3 and it is also dependent on number combinations. Three numbers have to be selected here as well and even if you get 2 of these numbers in the draw, you will win 10 times the amount you bet. The odds of this happening are 1 in 138.2. If you succeed in getting all three numbers correct, you will win a prize that’s 2500 times the amount you have bet. The chances of winning here are 1 in 11,748.

Ambo Terno 4 is the sixth game type in which four numbers have to be chosen. Getting two numbers correct will allow you to take home 7.5 times the amount you spent and the probability of doing so is 1 in 71.6. You will take home 500 times the amount you bet if you get three of these numbers correct and the chances of this happening are 1 in 3,006.1. Getting all four numbers right will help players in winning 2,500 times the amount they have spent and its odds are 1 in 511,748.

The seventh and last game type that the Zahlenlotto has is called Ambo Terno 5 and five numbers have to be chosen from the set of 90. You can select these numbers manually or you can also use the Quicktipp option. Matching two numbers means your winnings are 5 times your bet and its odds are 1 in 44.5. You can take home 125 times the amount you have bet by matching three numbers and the chances of this happening are 1 in 231.1. Matching four numbers has odds of 1 in 1:103,410 and it will enable you to win 750 times your bet. If you are able to match all five numbers, you can take home 5,000 times the amount you have bet and your chances of winning here are 1 in 43,949,268.

All draws conducted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are done publicly. It is not possible to alter or cancel the draw unless otherwise announced by Win2day. The draws are conducted through a draw machine, which selects the numbers and then displays them through a mixing procedure. Then, the drawing order is announced publicly and recorded for every single game. Usually, the public draws can be attended by the participants and a public authority such as a notary is responsible for supervising them. 

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As mentioned earlier, there are seven types of games that you can choose to bet when you wish to play Zahlenlotto. The procedure is quite straightforward as all you have to do is tap or click on the game you wish to play and then decide your numbers. There is a required set of numbers for every game. The rules of the game state that you are allowed to play about 3 games on every ticket. You can change the games you wish to play as long as you have not submitted the bet. Similar to other lottery games, Zahlenlotto also gives you the option of Quicktipp, where the computer is used for selecting random numbers for you instead of you having to decide yourself.

It is also possible for players to participate in multiple games ahead of time. This can be done simply by choosing the duration. The maximum number of draws in which you can participate in advance is 10. The official website of the Zahlenlotto gives lottery players the option of buying their tickets for the game online. If a player wins an amount of 1,000 euros or less, they don’t have to do anything to claim it as it will be credited to their account automatically. There is no need for them to make a payout request. However, if they have won a larger amount, they will need to submit a payout request.

An important thing that players need to bear in mind is that Austria is one of the countries where lottery winnings are subjected to tax. Previously, a tax-free regime was followed in the country, but an amendment was made in gambling regulations in 2014 with the aim of providing some more funds to the budget of the country. The tax rate that’s applied to lottery winnings falls between the ranges of 18.5 percent to 27.5 percent, depending on the amount that has been won. There is a much higher tax rate of 40 percent applicable on online gambling activities.

A period of three years is given to the players for making their claim and this starts from the draw date. As opposed to other commercial and national entities, Austrian Lotteries gives its players the option of claiming their rewards anonymously, which means you don’t have to worry about participating in an advertising campaign or press release if you win a prize. You have to be at least 18 years old in order to play the Zahlenlotto. If you are playing from the official Zahlenlotto website, you have to have Austrian residence as well.

However, if you are using the services of a lottery agent, you can participate on their website and still enjoy the exciting game types and rewards. Suffice it to say, Zahlenlotto is one of the most fun lottery games and winning the big prize is a major challenge that lots of players may want to take on. The appeal of this game is enhanced due to the multiple game play options available and the low price of the tickets. 

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